Agriculture Teachers Manual

NFFA, ISBN 13: 9789383692217, Year : 2015, Rs. 1950 Rs. 1560 (Free shipping within India only. No extras for postage and handling. )

The Manual has been developed to provide information and guidance for agriculture instructors as they begin their teaching careers. Use it before and after you take your first position as an agriculture instructor. It can be continuously used from first year s of teaching as a summary and review of the most basic information you need for local program success. The manual is divided into 26 sections each focussing on a specific area that will influence the success of your agricultural education program, your students and your career. Each section opens with an overview page that suggests steps to success and lists the section's contents. Inserts in each section include tips for success, checklist to guide your actions and forms you may wish to reproduce. The present manual will prove a very useful tool for Teachers who enters as an agriculture instructor and guide the life students of Soil Science, Agronomy and Agriculturists. Also useful for scientists involved in soil conservation programme and practioners.