Ancient Soparaka

Madan Singh Chouhan, ISBN 13: 9789386463050, Year : 2017, Rs. 0 Rs. 0 (Free shipping within India only. No extras for postage and handling. )

The present Nalasopara which in the ancient times was the core part of Soparaka is rich in the antiquarian remains in the form of stupa, votive stupa, inscription, relic casket, pottery, sculptures and other antiquities and remains of temples whereas its surroundings regions, also the integral part of Soparaka, are found with numbers of caves. These caves are tracered with chaityagrihas, cells, sculptures, water cistern and inscriptions assigning the date from 2nd century BC to late historical period which indicates this region flourished from its art and architecture from earliest time to late historical period. Apart from the detailed description of the Nalasopara, in this book, an attempt has been made to highlight the heritage value of this region with plans and photographs which will certainly serve and guide the serious scholars in the field of archaeology.