Doing Business Without Your Money

Suresh Haware, ISBN 13: 9789352661350, Year : 2017, Rs. 400 Rs. 340 (Free shipping within India only. No extras for postage and handling. )

This book is based on the first hand experiences of the first generation businessman Dr. Suresh Haware. He has faced several obstacles, overcome them and when he felt that now is the time to share it with the youngsters, he penned down this book. There are several beliefs and misconceptions and a kind of curiosity about business in our society. The author has elucidated these in a very amusing way. Dr. Suresh Haware has breached the general understanding among people that business can only be done if backed by money power. Capital can be raised from others, rather, it should be raised from others only. The main Capital that one should compulsorily have to do business is that of strong will power, self-confidence and business attitude! In order to imbibe this basic mantra, he discusses the required elements, in detail, in this book to raise hopes to do business. The stories he has shared are really inspiring. Wiser are they who learn from others