Radio Patrakarita : Siddhanth Evam Karyapranali (Hindi)

Edited by Chakradhar Kandwal, Praveen Kumar Bhatt and Mohita Kothiyal, ISBN 13: 9789381089019, Year : 2010, Rs. 395 Rs. 355 (Free shipping within India only. No extras for postage and handling. )

This book written in Hindi is a result of 30 years of Work in All India Radio by the author. A book on Radio by a Radio Professional. This book traces the origins of Radio Broadcasting since 1926 from 6 Radio Stations before Independence to 254 Radio Stations and 380 Transmitters today, The Book discusses and explains the following- Development of FM and Community Radio, Broadcasting Technique, Training, Broadcasting Policy, Program Planning, Production, Broadcasting Technique, Microphones, Different Types of Spoken Words eg. Talk, Features, Radio Documentaries and Dramas, Interviews, Plays, Live Commentaries, Discussions, News , Announcements and Comparing, Music i.e. The Complete working of a Radio Station.