Women and Disasters in South Asia: Survival, Security and Development

Edited by Linda Racioppi and Swarna Rajagopalan, ISBN 13: 9781138210462, Year : 2016, Rs. 1050 Rs. 872 (Free shipping within India only. No extras for postage and handling. )

South Asia is one of the most vulnerable areas of an increasingly disaster-impacted world, with cyclones, earthquakes, floods and droughts causing several casualties and disrupting lives and livelihoods every year. Yet the impacts of disasters are not equally distributed across the peoples of the region.Women and men experience disaster differently, and their needs in the aftermath of disaster often differ. Bringing together perspectives from academics, emergency response specialists and development practitioners, the volume investigates to what extent and in what ways gender affects the course of post-disaster reconstruction. Conversely, it also explores in what ways gender politics may be altered by disaster and post-disaster reconstruction.