Accessing Higher Education: Footprints of Marginalised Groups

Govardhan Wankhede and Ivan Reid, ISBN 13: 9789350024850, Year : 2017, Rs. 895 Rs. 752 (Free shipping within India only. No extras for postage and handling. )

Education has been globally accepted as an effective and efficient means to upward development. In case of India, the relevance of higher education is incomparable owing to the rising demands of knowledge, skills and technique. However, another important role of higher education that seems to have been more or less neglected is the need of HE for individual, communitarian and social welfare. This book attempts to depart from the debate that revolves around the need of HE for polishing skills as demanded directly and / or indirectly by the market forces. It instead tries to understand the importance of HE, the role it plays in relation to the process of marginalization and its limited and fractured availability to the marginalized.