Constitutional Medicine: With special reference to the three constitution of Dr Von Grauvogl

John H. Clarke, ISBN 13: 9788131907603, Year : 2007, Rs. 69 Rs. 69 (Free shipping within India only. No extras for postage and handling. )

Dermatology has emerged as an important field in homoeopathy in recent years. Skin diseases account for a large proportion of the cases coming to homoeopathic physician who is constantly faced with the challenge of proper diagnosis and treatment. The vast array of symptoms and clinical presentation ofskin conditions highlight the need for proper diagnosis and appropriate investigation for homoeopathic prescription. This book combines the details of common skin diseases, well supported by clinical photographs, along with possible homoeopathic medicines available for relieving the agony of the patients in a scientific way. The general principles of homoeopathic treatment, details of skin structure, its functions and the approach of history taking in skin diseases in the three chapters should prove extremely useful to both the undergraduate students as well as practitioners. An appendix at the end of the text giving details of some selected homoeopathic medicines with their indications, miasmatic analysis, should also be useful to the practitioners at large