Social Justice: Theories, Issues and Movements

Loretta Capeheart and Dragan Milovanovic, ISBN 13: 9788131609309, Year : 2018, Rs. 1095 Rs. 855 (Free shipping within India only. No extras for postage and handling. )

An eye for an eye, the balance of scales - for centuries, these and other traditional concepts exemplified the public's perception of justice. Today, popular culture, including television shows like Law and Order, informs the public's vision. But do age-old symbols, portrayals in the media, and existing systems truly represent justice in all of its nuanced forms, or do we need to think beyond these notions? In Social Justice: Theories, Issues, and Movements, Loretta Capeheart and Dragan Milovanovic respond to the need for a comprehensive introduction to this topic. The authors argue that common conceptions of criminal justice - which accept, for the most part, a politically established definition of crime - are too limited. Instead, they show the relevancy of history, political economy, culture, critique, and cross-cultural engagement to the advancement of justice. Drawing on contemporary issues ranging from globalization to the environment, this essential textbook