William A Oleckno, ISBN 13: 9788123925653, Year : 2015, Rs. 695 Rs. 626 (Free shipping within India only. No extras for postage and handling. )

The biologic-ecologic, economic-financial and managerial-administrative requirements of a forest often contradict each other, it falls to the silviculturist to best integrate these needs when creating, maintaining and restoring forests. Nylands innovative text offers balanced discussions of the obvious and subtle methods for establishing and maintaining communities of trees and other vegetation. It provides the best available guiddinls for adapting to the changing demands of landowners, to new scientific and practical developments to improvements in technology, and to evolving attitudes in society. Nyland cultivates in foresters the ability to develop and implement critical thinking skills and creativity when challenged by the wide array of circumstances, conditions and interests they will encounter in the field.