BYRON AIHARA, ISBN 13: 9789937623582, Year : 2016, Rs. 2250 Rs. 1913 (Free shipping within India only. No extras for postage and handling. )

Written by Byron Aihara, Dance Music and Ritual in Manipur, is the first in depth photography book and cultural study on the indigenous faith and performing arts of the Northeast Indian state of Manipur. The book focuses on the Meitei and Chakpa communities, who are the largest ethnic groups of the state. The main chapter is centered around the yearly festivals known as Lai Haraoba, which are the celebration and remembrance of Manipur's sylvan deities and ancestors known as the Umang Lai. They are grand, unique, and visually stunning events conducted on an epic scale with rituals performed through dance, music, and theater. The second chapter of the book focuses on the Classical Manipuri Dance tradition known as Ras Lila. The final chapter of the book then focuses on daily life and rituals in Manipur and has a small overview of the many hill tribes of the state. The book has received the help and support of the most respected elders and artists living in Manipur today. Acknowledgments include the Padma Shree awardee, Oja Khangembam Mangi, and the senior Maibi of the JN Manipur Dance Academy, Ima Dhoni Amaibi.