Song Birds of Southern India: Towards a New Paradigm of Song, Species and Genetics of Evolution

Namratha Mogaral , ISBN 13: 9789352220069, Year : 2016, Rs. 1995 Rs. 1497 (Free shipping within India only. No extras for postage and handling. )

This book presents a fascinating study of songs of birds based on intensive field observations carried in the forests of the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary at Lakkavalli in Karnataka of the Southern Indian sub-continent. Drawing on these insights, it proposes a new paradigm for understanding song and other displays as socio-biological mechanism. Its arguments are presented with thorough research on contemporary views of signaling behavior in Ornithology. The pugnacious critique of Darwin's theories of evolution and sexual selection suggests a new direction in Paleobiology and Evolutionary Science, Genetics and speciation processes.