The Age of Endlings: Explorations and Investigations into the Indian Wild (English)(Paperback)

Jay Mazoomdaar, ISBN 13: 9789351775546, Year : 2016, Rs. 399 Rs. 359 (Free shipping within India only. No extras for postage and handling. )

These are not trophy tales of the photographer or his ancestor, the hunter. Nor are these entreaties of the save-the-world ilk. Curious and clinical, irreverent but reasoned, these essays and exposes raise a few fascinating questions to better understand the human-nature interfaces in an increasingly crowded and edgy India. Alongside the gripping whodunit and the sobering myth-buster are the stories of a cursed river, a tiger reserve on sale, a desert snake that 'breathes' death, a tribe that threatens to die if forced out of its forests and a species destined to become the loneliest on earth